"A compelling story that sheds a light on the plight of the homeless and calls for restoration of dignity and community."  - Alan Graham, Founder/President/CEO, Mobile Loaves & Fishes;
Author of Welcome Homeless; One Man's Journey of Discovering the Meaning of Home

"Allen Madding’s Awakened is a parable of practical Christian awareness. This is the story of determined people who put a face on homelessness, and it is the face of the person next door, a relative, or a friend. This is a story of restoration: the restoration of dignity and purpose to those who have lost everything. Madding presents a realistic plan to eliminate homelessness on a national basis." Jack Riepe, author of Cigar Smoking In Polite Society, Conversations With A Motorcycle, and Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

"A timely, heart-warming story of a church working through what it means to be the Church. Peachtree Street Church could very well be any congregation, and following their journey is both a joy and an exercise in introspection." - Shawn Smucker, author of The Day the Angels Fell

"Allen Madding reminds all of us that while we are playing checkers, God is playing chess. Awakened reminds all of us of the power of keeping our eyes and ears open to God's next move in our lives. Powerful!" - Mike Kalapp, Pastor

Peachtree Street Church has slowly been dwindling away as it members have died. In the face of a winter storm, the pastor and a small group of people open the doors of their fellowship hall and education wing to the homeless and those stranded and seeking shelter from the cold. The experience opens their eyes to the plight of the homeless living just outside the doors of their church. They begin to search for meaningful ways to effectively make a difference in the lives of their community one person at a time. The journey takes them farther than they ever imagined and completely changes the trajectory of their lives in the process.

Awakened is the sequel to Shaken Awake.

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