Tuesday, September 06, 2011

In a Texas State of Mind

For Labor Day, we decided to see the sites of Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capitol of the World.

When we checked into the hotel, we quickly realized that Cabela's was just across the parking lot. So, we spent several hours wandering around inside checking out all of the clothing, camping equipment, fishing gear, and guns as well as the enormous collection of stuffed animals and the impressive aquarium.

Of course, eating was on our itinerary, and we found plenty of good places for it. Including the Salt Lick for BBQ.

And if we are gonna eat Texas BBQ, I gotta have some brisket.

Of course, Tex-Mex was also on our menu and Chuy's was awesome.

We ventured North to Round Rock and took a look at Dell's impressive sprawling campus.

And of course, we loaded up on University of Texas Longhorn gear!

Sunday, we visited Northpoint Church in Cedar Park, TX which is a strategic partner of our church here in Atlanta.

All good things must come to an end, Monday rolled around and it was time to hit the airport and head back to Atlanta. At one of the airport coffee shops, I was reminded this was really Texas, as the coffee shop was selling Shiner Boch and Lonestar.


RichardM said...

Austin is a pretty nice city and the food there is some of the best. Did you have any opportunity to check out any live music? Every time I've been there it was work related so not a whole lot of opportunity for exploring.

Anytime I've run into a Cabela's, it managed to consume a couple of hours of my life....


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Surprised you didn't ride your Harley there though but then again, it was sort of rainy and would have taken a whole lot more time on the road and less time to eat at some good places. You are making my mouth water. as for Cabelas: never been in one.

irondad said...

Katie and I went to a Cabela's this weekend, too. Of course, our journey was much tamer than yours. We simply rode 45 miles in the heat.

Thanks for sharing the photos. It was interesting to see food and the Dell Campus. Time to log off the computer and get some lunch!

Allen Madding said...

Richard -
We didn't get to take in any of the local music scene this trip around, but we are already big fans of a couple of bands from the area. Hope to correct this on the next trip. We had a lot of fun.

Bill -
If I had rode the bike, it would have been and out and back with such a short time period. But it was gorgeous out there for sure.

Irondad -
I could not fathom how there were so many IT openings in Austin, but seeing the magnitude of the Dell campus gave me a better insight.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Allen Madding:

I regard Cabela's as the ultimate mens toy store. It would not be my first or last stop if I were looking for the utmost in backpacking gear... But man oh man... If you are talking about great camping comfort on an outfitter's scale, you can't do better. I have an outfitter's tent (complete with a wood-burning stove from those folks), and there is no better approach to cool-weather camping.

I have had many good times in Texas... But I regret to inform you that none of them ended up in Church.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Allen Madding said...

reep -

I have to admit I was somewhat overwhelmed by the selection in Cabella's. I found a lot of inspiration for outdoor adventures while touring the store.

Thanks for reading and writing!


Unknown said...

Well a belated welcome to Texas!

Hope you enjoyed your stay. You picked a couple of good places to eat. Salt Lick is one of my favorites as is Chuy's.

Hang in there


Allen Madding said...

Thanks Shannon,

All this trip did is make us want to move to Austin really badly :)