House Dedication - Sara Wilson Family

One of the most rewarding experiences of working on a Habitat for Humanity home build is returning for the dedication when the homeowner receives the keys to their completed home. We have been fortunate to participate in several over the last years, and it always brings us great joy to celebrate with the homeowner and their family.

Today was another of those opportunities. Sara Wilson, a domestic violence survivor, and single mother of two received the keys to her new home this morning - the end of a very long journey for Sara and her two precious little girls.

Sara has toiled along side of all of the construction volunteers since the first day of the build as well as working on the construction of other Habitat homes over the last several months. Today was a celebration of the culmination of all of that hard work.

If the impact of being able to provide a decent place to live does not ring true to you when you are attending one of these dedications, all you have to do is look at the children playing on the playground equipment in the yard (donated by Habitat supporters) and it begins to make sense.

As a new homeowner, Sara now has a zero interest mortgage and a well built, dependable home.

Sara works as a Victim Advocate at Family Haven, a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The very shelter where several years ago, she sought assistance and support.

We feel blessed to have been able to be apart of the construction of Sara's home and what it means to the future of her family.

Habitat For Humanity article on Sara Wilson

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