Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Project Jonas

As I previously announced, my wife and I are heading to Venezuela this summer as a part of a mission team assisting Project Jonas, a home for troubled boys in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Most of the boys chose to enter the home after living on the street and running into all sorts of street life trouble. They range from age 7 to age 16. The workers in the home give the boys a disciplined life style, provide positive role models, and are actively helping them reshape their lives.

While there, we will be working on renovations on the home that they all live in and working with the leaders in the home as well as the boys.

We covet your prayers for the team going down, the leadership of the home, and for the boys themselves.

We have almost reached the halfway mark of the funding we need for this trip. I invite you to partner with us in this journey by contributing. Any contribution however great or small is greatly appreciated and of course is tax deductible.

you may contribute by going to the Globalx website:

click on GIVE on the top right side of the page

Enter your contact info

Under the globalX trip info:
select Venezuela in the Country drop down
select Venezuela Partner Development: Construction 1 in the Trip drop down
Type my name "Allen Madding" in the individual field

Enter your credit card info (Visa and Mastercard accepted)

Click Review Donation Information and finalize your transaction

A confirmation email will be sent to you and will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

Thanks for your support.



RichardM said...

That sounds like a great short-term mission trip. How long are you going to be down there?

Allen Madding said...

Thanks Richard, We will be there for a week. They have things structured so that three consecutive teams will work with them this summer for a total of three weeks.


Mike said...

I agree, Allen, it will be a great short-term mission trip. It'll be a blessing to the kids as well as you and your wife!

Brobrian said...

We call them "poor" but really they are just the rest of the world. Nothing like being with the rest of the world to make us compassionate, generous, humble and thankful.
Matthew 1916 - 28
I'm sure you'll come back changed, no matter how many times you've gone previously, or how many times you go back.