MeanStreet Riders

As you may have read or heard, there is a new band called MeanStreet Riders on the music scene. They are motorcycle riders who enjoy making music. The band’s “Social Media Publicist”, MeanStreet Mary, asked if I would care to review their pre-release of their debut CD due out in June, and I agreed.

So who are the MeanStreet Riders? Well, according to their biography information, “The MeanStreet Riders rock music group was formed from a group of songwriters that both ride motorcycles and write music about their love of the open road its culture and the freedom it brings.”
Their music is a blend of Southern Rock n’ Roll and modern country. The lyrics are all in the spirit of motorcycle riders true to form. With tunes like “High on the Hawg”, “Kiss it All Goodbye”, “129” (you know – US 129 aka “The Dragons Tale” at Deals Gap, TN), “I’ve had a Good Ride”, “Eye of the Hurricane”, and “Souls of Chrome”, the listener quickly comes away with the impression this is a band that truly lives and breathes V-Twin rumble and the spirit of the open road.

You can get a free download of their music via the following link. Give them a listen.

For more information, visit

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