The Hard Hat

I ride into the parking deck just before 7am another headache starting. I get off the bike and see a hard hat making a beeline toward me. My head hurts, its too early, and I just don't feel like it but here it comes anyhow.

"You know what the ugliest thing in the world is?", he asks.

I can feel the dig coming.

"Honda Goldwing?", I reply.

Without missing a beat he finishes his punchline, "a Harley rider without his helmet."

"Oh", I say, "BMW RS1000 would a been my second guess."

His face twists and he responds, "Don't be ugly now. Don't be ugly." Then he shows me a cell phone pic of his BMW RS1200.

My bad. Its the headache. I meant 1200.

Had to drive the truck today for the air conditioner I guess.

Have a good one!


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