Commute on Two Wheels

Monday was Ride to Work Day(tm). I thought I would give kudos to the folks that work in my building that commute on two wheels(not tm) all the other days without prompting. On some days this area is even fuller with half a dozen more scooters in the 50cc range. I always enjoy walking down after work and seeing what a menagerie of two wheel transportation has collected for the day.

In the picture above you see a Kawasaki Vulcan 900, a scooter, and a Harley-Davidson Road King. The Vulcan has been there everyday I have ridden since going to work here, though I have not had the opportunity to meet the owner/rider.

The scooter belongs to a lady in the 40-50 age range who seems to be as regular a two wheel commuter as the Vulcan rider. We have spoken severl times. She seems to be an avid scooter fan. You quickly sense that she loves riding when you talk to her.

This BMW seems to be a pretty regular two wheel commuter as well. And older model but sitting here almost everyday, so it must be providing good service. I have to wonder if they could make those mirrors sit any higher.

This BMW shows up at times, other times there is another model BMW sitting in this space. So, I am guessing it is the same guy with a collection going on of sorts. These particular side boxes are the ones I call chemistry experiment boxes. The German engineers do not care much for looks it seems. They just designed a storage box, boom, done. I cannot help but think they should be transporting a high priced microscope everytime I see these boxes.

In any event, Kudos to the owners/riders of these machines and everyone else who commutes on two wheels as much as the weather in their area of the world allows. Enjoy and watch out for oblivious cage drivers making left hand turns.

I was thinking maybe we should make this Ride to Work Week(not tm) or Ride to Work Month(not tm) or even Ride to Work Quarter(not tm).

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