Anytime, Anywhere. They are there!

This week is National EMS (Emergency Medial Services) Week.

Kudos to the men and women around this country serving countless sleepless hours to respond in moments of crisis - some paid and some volunteer putting themselves in harms way to bring medical aid and save lives.

It is an underpaid career that is often times thankless. And many of the providers are either volunteers giving up time with their families to provide for their community or underpaid providers working two jobs to try to make ends meet so that their community has emergency health care. Many take advantage of the service and use it as a hospital taxi service, but when the real emergency arises, these folks make haste to provide the ultimate level of medical care to you, your friends, and your loved ones.

When you are traveling on the roadways and highways of our country and an Ambulance or Rescue vehicle is approaching you from the rear with lights blazing and siren screaming, pull to the right and give them room to get by. It could be someone you know and love in dire need of their services. Never tailgate an emergency vehicle as a way to get thru traffic.

Thanks to those of you serving our communities in the EMS. We appreciate your dedication.

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