Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gary France's 13,800 mile Tour of the USA

Pretty neat when you hear someone is going to make a 13,800 mile tour of the United States on a motorcycle.

Even neater when it is a Harley-Davidson.

Even neater that it is a Road King.

Even neater yet when he is from outside London (and yes, I noted the irony he that his last name is France), and he is shipping the bike over for the ride. Gary plans to kick it off June 2010.

Gary has started a blog to chronicle the preparation and the ride itself. Check in on him at:


redlegsrides said...

he's actually commented on my blog a couple of times...hope I am able to meet and ride with him when he transits Colorado.

Learning to Golf said...

Now that is an epic ride for sure. I am going to follow his blog and since I will be on many of those same highways at the end of June-beginning of July maybe our paths will cross. Thanks for the link.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Madding:

This is very cool. Yet I have a friend, Moto Edde Mendes, who rode his bike from Morocco to Philly, 39,000 miles, through the Sahara and up through the silk route and Siberia. It was an unmodified BMW K75... Just like mine. Some guys have balls, don't they.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Gary France said...

Hi Allen,

Neat indeed. I am looking forward to the tour a great deal. It has always been an ambition of mine to have a sort of an adventure and I guess riding my Harley across the United States falls right into that adventure category. I am now just 5 months away from starting the ride and while that seems a long time to wait, I am sure the time will go pretty quickly. The planning of the tour has gone well so far – the only big items left to do is to get the visa I need for an extended stay in the States and arrange the shipping of my Road King from the UK to New York.

I do seem to spend a lot of time reading about places I might visit and things I might see during the tour. As the USA is so large, it is often a hard choice to make about what to leave out!

Thanks for writing about my tour and my blog.

BTW – I love the Australia School Answering Machine!!

Charlie6 and AHD – I hope to see you somewhere on the tour. I read both of your blogs.


mq01 said...

this is exciting!!! i'll be checking Gary out, and one never knows... he'll be crossing through my neck of the woods :)

Allen Madding said...

I think that all you yankees that live along his plotted trek should take a day off from your toil and do a "ride a long with Gary day" when he is in your area.

As his path doesn't bisect the great state of Georgia, I guess I can't take part.