Thursday, November 05, 2009

Angel City

(photo from, not taken during this trip)

I left the house in a light drizzle Friday afternoon and began the crawl thru downtown Atlanta. For a significant amount of time it amounted to walking the bike thru Atlanta. Between Atlanta and Forsyth, GA the traffic began to ease up and the rain stopped and I finally was able to begin riding at highway speed. Three hours after I left, I arrived at Angel City.

Angel City is a "old west ghost town" built outside of Unadilla, Georgia that host motorcycle rallies and other events. And, it is the perfect rally spot. The "town" is a collection of old west buildings with covered sidewalks, a Saloon, restaurant, and various stores that vendors populate during events. For anyone that enjoys riding motorcycles and enjoys attending motorcycle rallies, they owe it to themselves to attend a rally at Angel City.

Our group cooked for the weekend event from 7am until 1am Friday and Saturday. After cooking breakfast Sunday morning, I was in the saddle and headed North on I-75. A cold front moved thru Saturday night and temperatures dropped 20 degrees. Fortunately, I had packed my UnderArmour and some warm layers of closing just in case I ran into cold weather. The layered clothing and my riding leathers kept me comfortably warm until I was back home.

Despite the weather and traffic jams encountered on the trip down Friday afternoon/evening. I had a great time. I had always wanted to see Angel City as I had heard about it since 2006. And, I got a chance to get out and do 300+ miles of riding for the weekend before Winter seriously sets in for North Georgia.

Make sure you click on the link to Angel City and check out their schedule of upcoming events. I understand the last rally they held that was open to the general motorcycle riding public drew around 1,700 people.

Good Times.


"Joker" said...

Sounds like a good time to me. Wish you had put up some pictures, but at least you got a good road trip in.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Maddng:

A casual glance at the picture included with this post indicates that the overwhelming majority of bikes present at this event were non-BMW machines. Yet at the same time, there is no evidence of extremely topless women running around, attempting to rope free-ranging poultry. (This was called a "Chicken Choking Contest in Sturgis.)

Do you mean to tell me that biker rallys are now acquiring the less desirable traits of Beemer gatherings, while lacking their mechanical sophistication?

I do not consider this progress in the evolution of things. Nevertheless, it looked like a pleasant-enough time was had by all.

Fondest regards,
Jsack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

redlegsrides said...

Pay Mr Riepe no mind Allen, though he is right about beemer gatherings being the massing of exquisitely Teutonic engineering and efficiency.....he sadly is also right that the non-BMW rallies appear to have more mcguffies on display on a regular basis....I know you will get us some next time! I have faith.

Allen Madding said...

As it was a private event, I did not feel at ease snapping pictures, so the entertainment portion of the weekend is unrecorded. Suffice it to say, there were cages for dancing on the mainstage on main street.

As far as the superior engineering, are you referring to the german manufactured motorcycle that requires the transmission to be replaced every 30,000 miles? I hauled one of these bikes around for a friend in my pickup until his wallet could no longer stand trying to keep the superior engineered device running and sold it for scrap. He now rides Japanese engineering.


BikerHiway said...

Sounds like a successful trip. Was this your last for the season, or are you able to ride through the winter?