Fall is in the Air

46F this morning and the leaves are turning. That combination makes an old person's mind turn to fried apple pies, soup, warm beverages, apples, pumkins, and mountain views.

So we headed to Ellijay to purchase apples, pumpkins, jars of soup base and to nosh on fried apple pies and sip coffee and hot chocolate while enjoying the fall colors of the North Georgia mountains along the ride.

Along the trip we observed minvans and SUVs packed to the gills with families headed to Buck's Corn Maze, and an endless see of automobiles headed to Elijay for apples.

The families with small children head out into the orchard to pick their own apples. The grown folks with a little bit of weight hanging around their belts just wander into the market area and buy the apples that are already picked and bagged. Yes, you got it, we did not pick our own.

It was cold enough that I elected not to have ice cream on my fried apple pie, but that did not detract from the wonderful sweet taste of fresh apples in a lightly fried pie crust. McDonald's try as you may. You simply can't compete with this wonderful creation.

Three bags of apples, three quart jars of soup base, a gallon of apple cider, a head of fresh cabbage, and an assortment of pumpkins, and our shopping extravaganza was complete.

We decided to ride over to Jasper, GA after hearing recommendations for their Farmer's Market. Once we arrive we found it was not being held but there was a Halloween Festival going on instead. We took a few pictures of the downtown and then went back to meandering the winding roads of North Georgia and enjoying the fall colors.

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