Sunday, May 10, 2009

Your Car Warranty is About to Expire

It seems that an over ambitious firm is calling every home phone, business phone, and cell phone number in the United States and beginning a conversation with a recorded message, "Your car warranty is about to expire." This despite whether the number they are calling is on the National Do Not Call List. They then present the "victim" of their call with two options: 1 - talk to one of our fine sales people for more information or 2 - have your number removed from our call list.

If you press 2, they just call back in 8 hours or so. If they get voicemail, they just call back as well. So, what to do to make it stop?

The magnitude of this problem was become recently apparent as I have heard people passing on the sidewalk talking about it, people in restaurant lines, and coworkers.

Wednesday, when I had just arrived at the office (pre-coffee), one of my coworkers cell phone began to ring. He answered it and said, "oh boy, my car warranty is about to expire again." So, he pressed one this time. A woman picked up and asked him his name. He responded, "Richard Wrinkle." She said "Good morning, Mr. Wrinkle. What year and model car do you have?" Now you would think if this call was authentic, they would know what kind of car he had. so, this kind of verifies that this is a scam. So, he played along. He replied, "Its a 2009 Audi R8." She then asked him to hold and transferred him to a warranty consultant. A few seconds later, a man came on the line and said, "Good morning, Mr. Wrinkle. What year and model car do you have?" My coworker replied, "Its a 2009 Audi R8, and my friends call me Dick."

The warranty consultant then began to ask for more details, "How many miles do you have on the car?" My coworker replied, "12 miles." The warranty consultant seemed a little frustrated, "Do you plan to keep it for a long time?" My coworker replied, "Well, unless I get bored and trade it for a Ferrari or something." The warranty consultant responded, "Ok, hold on" and hung up. He has not received any further calls.

So, Yesterday when our home phone rang, and my wife said, "It's the car warranty people", I jumped to action. A female voice came on the line, "Would you like to extend your car warranty?" I replied, "Sure!" She then asked, "what year and model car do you have?" I replied, "A 1978 Ford Pinto, and it is a piece of crap." The tempo of her speech pattern quickened to almost staccato, "Ok, we will remove you number from our call list." CLICK.

So, if you are receiving these annoying calls, and chances you are. And, you've tried pressing option 2 to no avail, and you've tried reporting them to the Do Not Call List and discovered they are spoofing their caller id info, then it's time to have some fun.

Pick out your favorite old crap car, maybe an MG Midget?

Pick out a humorous name. If you can't think of one, this fine fellow has a list on the internet:

Make up a good story and return the annoyance back to these fine folks. Enjoy!



Willy D said...

Stop the calls? Why would you want to stop them? I guess for some people they can be annoying. But I enjoy screwing with them. One of my favorites is to say: “I’m busy right now, can I get your number and call you back in a few minutes?” It gets some pretty strange reactions.

IHG said...

OMG...I get these at work everyday! I might just mess with them the next time they call. Thanks for the ideas!!!

"Joker" said...

The last time they called I pressed 1 and gave the phone to my 4 year old son. Maybe next time I'll try extending the warranty on my '66 Amphicar.

Unknown said...

I hope I get a call soon, I wonder if they will grant warranty for a motorcycle ?

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

mq01 said...

hmmm old bout my sisters old corvair...what, dont like those...ummm citroen perhaps...LMAO thanks, great post, im gonna use this tomorrow :) !!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I loved your response about the piece of crap Pinto!

Maybe I'll have to try that one. I've got their call, but just hung up on them. Haven't heard back.

Another good one for solicitors is to ask them to hold on for just a minute, when they say o.k., set the phone down and come back about two-three minutes later. Check to see if they are still on the line. If so, do it again.

WooleyBugger said...

I wonder when the warranty is up on my Desoto? It has 22000 and only driven to church ... or the bar, which ever comes up first.

I got some good ones, let 'em call, let "em call. hehehehahahaha