Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beer Butt Chicken

For about 10 years, my brother and I have been cooking "Beer Butt Chicken" on the charcoal grill. I am still amazed that something so simply prepared tastes so good. Originally, we just popped the top on a beer can, set the chicken down on the can and carefully set it on the grill. Pour (yeah right) or drink off about a third of the beer and then add your favorite seasonings to the beer before inserting the beer in the chicken's cavity and its even better. Regardless, you end up with a really moist grilled chicken that goes really well with "tater salad".

Of course the entrepenuer's of this great country seized the opportunity to make a buck and have since created a neat little rack that keeps the beer and chicken from tipping over. God Bless their little hearts.



Learning to Golf said...

I've got me one of them little racks and it works like a champ. Beer/butt chicken......Is this a great Country or what?

redlegsrides said...


Lady R (Di) said...

Mmmmmm. The best way to eat chicken, especially if your out camping. I have one of those handy racks too, which comes in handy in the oven.

Okay... I'm hungry now. Gotta go get some chicken! LOL!

Conchscooter said...

Second only to Dion's fried chicken. You need more butter in the spuds.

Unknown said...

Chicken is one of our staples as we try to say away from a lot of "red" meat. We usually have it grilled Teryaki style, but I have heard good things about beer chicken. Will have to give it a try

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