Silly Weather Guessers

Wednesday night I checked out the weather guessers on the local news who all proclaimed the low for the night would only be 37F. I thought great, that will be a great commute for Thursday morning. So I got up Thursday glad to have a little warmer weather pulled on my boots and gear. I glanced at the weather station as I headed to the garage and noticed it said 27F, guess the weather guessers got the 2 and the 3 confused. It happens, after all they are right next to each other and they both are curvy. I rode anyhow. The air coming up under the fullface helmet was brisk and made my cheeks sting but you just endure. When I pulled into the parking lot at work, I couldn't find another bike to share a parking spot with so I guess no one else was willing to brave it. When quitting time arrived, I found another bike sharing a spot with Rosie so at least someone had the fever. The ride home was nice with the temps around 55F and it felt really good. Being on two wheels seems to put me in such a better frame of mind despite how bad the economy is, how difficult the week at work is, and despite what might be churning in my personal life.

Friday was even better. The temps were up a bit more, the sun was shining, it almost made me wanna head north on 9 and make my way towards Suches and ride in the mountains instead of heading to work. Somehow I mustered the restraint and turned Roise south on 400 and made my way to the office. When I arrived I found 4 bikes in the parking lot all flocked together sharing tales of close calls and how their owners treated them. I could tell Rosie was quitely reviewing the new scars on the BMW we parked near. I was sure as soon as I was out of ear shot, she'd be pointing out the remaining scratches on her windshield and the marks on her tour pak from the face plant we experienced several months ago during our morning commute.

The boss noted that I had been especially positive over the last several weeks. I smiled and thought "more time riding a motorcycle will do that".


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