Monday, March 30, 2009

Bikes and BBQ

It rained all week. When I say that, I am not exaggerating. It rained Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat. So, when I got a note that some of the guys (and gals) from Adventure Rider - Ride the World! were getting together Sunday night for some BBQ at One Star Ranch in Alpharetta, I was itching to get out and ride without rain! And who is going to turn down Texas style BBQ? Not I!

So, we assembled at the predetermined time and the aforementioned location, my Harley and 5 BMWs. We don't discriminate. If you're on two wheels and enjoy riding, we figure we can tolerate you long enough to eat a meal.

An order of wings and onion rings and the tales began. Then it was BBQ Pork sandwiches and ribs. One of my buddies in the group recently returned from a motorcycle ride to Alaska and back, hard core! My other buddy came in his mini-pickup because his BMW needs a transmission, bummer!

Before long a couple guitar pickers set up and began to entertain. One of our crew yelled out "Freebird!" and without missing a beat, the pickers broke into a well performed rendition of the overplayed Lynyrd Skynyrd tune. I then yelled out "Robert Earl Keen" (this is a TEXAS BBQ joint after all). But, the pickers didn't know any REK. I imagine they're youtubing and googling REK this week.

All too soon we were riding off in our separate directions in the 45F windy night, but truly a good time was had by all.



"Joker" said...

That's the one thing that we don't really see much of up this way - good BBQ.

I do love a good pulled-pork sandwich. You can get that and ribs up here pretty decent in some places. What you don't see is brisket, smoked so long and slow that you don't even need to put sauce on it. Now THAT'S this Yankee's idea of some authentic BBQ!

I draw the line on the BMWs though ;)

Learning to Golf said...

Biking and BBQ. Does it get any better than that? Even in the rain?

Kathleen Jennette said...

Ditto Arizona Harley Dude! Food and 2 wheels...the best.

FLHX_Dave said...

Hmmmm...I swear nothing tastes as good as BBQ after a ride in any weather.

Freebird?...I can't get enough of that song...although, "The Devils Rejects" sorta screwed up my visuals for the tune.

Allen Madding said...

I'm more a Tuesday's Gone or Double Trouble kinda dude...but all Skynyrd is good :)


Willy D said...

That kind of food reminds me of the three years I spent in Louisiana.
“Ride to eat – Eat to ride”

irondad said...

With enough onion rings being eaten, riding off on your own bikes can be a blessing!

Now I gotta fire up the grill despite the cold.

TRT said...

Love Barbeque, love motorcycles. Love'em even more when they come together. Living in Texas has spoiled me on barbecue. The brisket and ribs are my favorites too.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog Allen. It has turned out fine and all is well from the sounds of it.
I'll be heading down Georgia way this weekend. Maybe I'll stop at Sonny's BBQ in Doraville, been awhile. And speaking of Lynyrd Skynyrd, they use to record there at Studio one in Doraville not far from my friends house when we were kids. Wizard from "Mothers Finest" jogged around our neighborhood all the time and Ted Nugent was around from time to time. One more, the late great Evel Knievel spent long stretches at the Ramada Inn just up the road from Pops house. His Stutz and Harley would be parked right out front so desk clerk could keep and eye on them.
Sorry, Mom's little scare has me thinking about yesterdays.

Webster World said...

Sounds like a great day. Damn it's cold in Michigan:(