We Interrupt this Winter to Give You Some Riding Weather

God smiled down on the Metro area this past weekend and this week. Lows were in the 40F's and that spells really wonderful riding weather. When I came out of the office for lunch Monday, I quickly noticed that Rosie wasn't sitting all alone in the parking lot. There were 4 other bikes sitting quitely to keep her company. I'm betting they were swapping stories about their riders dumb moves and the road rash they've taken because of them. But at least they're polite. I haven't heard Rosie grumbling at me, and I'm pretty sure she was smiling when I let her have a romp off the light Tuesday morning when the aggressive lil turbo Mitsubishi cage was next to us.

Here is hoping everyone has gotten a lil warmer weather, glimpses of sunshine and blue skies, and opportunities to ride.


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