Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Miserable Week for Motorcycles

I dressed warmly for the ride in on Monday. Temp was bobbling around 28-40F when I left the house but the 40 minute ride was enjoyable. When I left work to make the ride home it was raining. My check of the weather guessers website had said 10 percent chance the night before, so they let me down, silly weather guessers. I retrieved my frogtops (rain suit) pulled em on over my riding leathers and headed for the highway. I kept myself focused on the 5pm bumper to bumper commuter traffic on the way home and threw in a few extra hondapottimus counts between myself and the cars ahead of me in my lane. I arrived home and still dry thanks to the fullface helmet and frogtogs.

Tuesday I awoke to 20F weather and strong winds. Sorry folks, I opted out of riding. I just couldn't talk myself into it. The weather guessers had predicted wintry mix, and I gave consideration for some of the remaining moisture from Monday's rain would be frozen in unexpected locations on the ride in. Couple the odds of unexpected ice patches and bumper to bumper traffic and freaking cold and I opted out.

Today wasn't much of an improvement. When I awoke it was 16F and 20mph winds. Although I was not concerned with ice, I just couldn't talk myself into riding in weather this cold. Tomorrow is supposed to more of the same if the weather guessers are close. So, I guess the truck is going to get driven another day. Maybe it could use a little more drive time to charge up the battery. I'm about tired of the winter weather below 20F, but I guess we all have to deal with the effects of Global Warming where ever we are.

Here's to looking forward to the temps climbing above 30F and sunshine!



redlegsrides said...


yeah, good call...20 degree temps after a rainy evening, not a good combo....

Kathleen Jennette said...

You are still my hero riding in that weather! Its been 70 degree weather here and now some rain for a couple of days. I still forget how damn cold it is where you are! Brrrrrr!

"Joker" said...

Rain and temps that cold don't exactly give you the best riding experience. On the other hand, it's February, and you rode. Not much chance of me riding until St Pat's Day or even later. My new bike has heated grips and I'm going to invest in a heated jacket liner too. That ought to make the chilly Spring rides much more pleasant.

Learning to Golf said...

I can't imagine what cagers must think when they see a bike out in those conditions. Here they think I'm nuts for riding in 40 degree and sprinkles.

Frogtogs are the best for stopping water though.

Allen Madding said...

AZ - I sometimes get a chuckle when a cager pulls up beside me when its cold and looks at me pie eyed.

What I forgot to include in this post (old age??) was that as I sat at a light in a turning lane, I saw this pickup out the corner of my eye slowly creeping along side of me. I turned and looked. The driver rolled down his window and gave me a thumbs up. A smile instantly broke out on my face.

And I have to agree with you on Frogtogs. I've seen folks pay 4 times as much for harley's heavy hot rain gear which is so nulky its hard to store. I love the frogtogs, reasonably priced, not heavy, not hot, and they store easily.

irondad said...

You go right ahead and do what you feel you need to do. Ride or drive, it's not for anyone else to judge. Prudence rules.

I, too, love the reactions. A cop the other day just couldn't seem to believe what he was seeing.

Do the Frog Togs whip around in the wind at all?

Big Daddy said...

What do mean it's 20 degrees?
I ran right outside to check.
nope...It's 80
Don't scare me like that. ;[

Allen Madding said...

I don't know that its really prudence at this point or that I've gotten really tired of the cold :)

No, the frogtops don't seem to whip in the rain at all. They have elastic at the sleeves, waist and legs and so so they stay put really well.


Steve Williams said...

Having to talk yourself into riding is a sign of age. But you're too young for that so it must be something else.

I've been doing a lot of talking of late. Did manage to go out at -4F but that was a one time "I wonder what this will be like" thing. Generally I have contracted a bad case of the old mellows and am content to sit at home with my wife and watch visual morsels supplied by Netflix...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks