Friday, January 23, 2009

Myrtle Beach Soap Opera

I received this in the mail this week regarding the news out of Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Resorts To Bold Lies About Rally Cancellation
January 16, 2009
Source: USRiderNews

When the Mayor and Council of Myrtle Beach couldn’t persuade the Horry County Commission to go along with its plan to shut down the motorcycle rallies, they decided to take a different approach. They decided to lie and say the rallies have been cancelled.

Read the rest at:

And says "No Events Cancelled -- All Outside the City of Myrtle Beach
As many of you have heard or received information on the events being cancelled. Not exactly true – The events will take place in the County and surrounding Counties just not inside of the City of Myrtle Beach. The City of Myrtle Beach has begun a media campaign designed to deter the respectable, law abiding motorcycle enthusiast from coming to the area. There are businesses inside the City limits of Myrtle Beach that do support and welcome Motorcycle Enthusiast. The City of Myrtle Beach can’t stop you from visiting and supporting the businesses that support Bike Week. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2009."

But make careful note: "The City of Myrtle Beach passed restrictive ordinances targeting the May rallies, which brought tens of thousands of visitors (tourist) to the city. The City of Myrtle Beach has never been a sponsor or host of Bike Week. These new ordinances apply ONLY inside the City Limits of Myrtle Beach.
*** There are no events (vendors) inside the city limits.
*** All events (vendors) are outside the city in Horry County, Murrells Inlet or North Myrtle Beach."

So, make your own decisions...



"Joker" said...

People running government lying to the public? Nah, it can't be!

Wow, how low can they go?

Myself and some BVH friends are heading that way in May no matter what. Since most of us have loud pipes, we are concerned about all these bullshit "ordinances." I've also heard some wild stories about just what sort of wacky laws they came up with, and debate over if they're even binding because they were set by a City and not by the State.

Allen, do you have any idea or link to the true story about just what laws they passed and the details? What do they consider loud? How are they going to measure it, etc?

Mrs Road Captain said...

I did some research myself when I first heard the news, and I never beleived the rally to be cancelled. The organizers are working around the city, and encourage everyone to come and have fun. The city government (aka mayor) is just spinning it like he has the authority to cancel anything.

TRT said...

Thanks for the info. I had heard about the rally being cancelled Good to know it's still going on.

Lady R (Di) said...

Joker... Liz at Rippin Kitten had some info on the new ordinances. Too bad about it all.

Allen Madding said...

The last I checked the City laws say you have to ride a three wheel Hondapotimus at 5mph and can only eat at Picadilly Cafeteria. Anything louder than a Honda Metropolitan scooter will get you sentenced to death row.

It seems to me like a huge opportunity to get harrassed and deal with a bunch of bs. I'd spend my vacation dollars somewhere a bit more friendly I'm thinkin.


One Harley Rider said...

Untruths from Government?? Come-on.

Hopefully it was just a mistake on their part and they will be confirmed anyway due to their skills not their charactor. Sorry did I drift off?

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sounds like a bunch of political B.S. to me. I'm glad for those who want to go that it is still "somewhat" on at least.

irondad said...

Nothing like the cold light of exposure to show the real picture, eh? It's too bad everybody can't just pack up and go somewhere else. Maybe the sound of non-operating cash registers will show them the cost of their prejudice.

WooleyBugger said...

You know what? If in these times of hardships for business owners and city governments Myrtle Beach wants to kill their economy further I don't mind. I'll just take my vacation money and spend it in places who want my dollars. This time it's bikers/motorcyclist so who will it be next? Lessee now, hotrodders or boaters!
I'm guessing there is some struggling cool little town down that way who will jump at having bike week in their town ... and they'll be thanking God for the oppurtunity.