Ride for Will 2008

The Second Annual Ride for Will was Saturday. Steven Vore rode with me this year which means, you got it, photographer in tow! :) We elected to start the ride properly, with breakfast at Waffle House.

Waffle House is personally endorsed by Steven and myself as the official proper way to start a great day of motorcycle riding.

A large number of bikes arrived, and we saw all kinds. A Harley Sportster 883 trike with the back looking somewhat reminiscent of the original Harley three wheelers of the 1950's that the Police and Ice Cream vendors used. The big long three wheelers powered by VW engines, Harleys, BMWs (none had to be towed at this event to my knowledge), crotch rockets, and even a high dollar chopper.

Of course my Buffalo helmet was a huge hit, so I granted the numerous photo requests. Who knows where my smiling mug will show up in the next few days. Forsyth County Harley mounted Deputies gave us awesome escort and traffic control, and we made our way to Helen.
Steven got us a great shot of the parking lot in Helen, and then we all got our grub on. Live music was provided and the door prizes and raffle prizes were once again off the hook.

The weather warmed to around 60 degrees F around noon with a brisk wind and it was clear and sunny after the rains the night before, which spells a great day to be riding in the mountains. So, after we finished our sandwiches, we slipped out of the festivities and headed for the Richard Russell Scenic Parkway and Wolf Pen Gap. The leaves were in their full autumn wardrobe of color and there were several riders and cagers out enjoying the day. Once across GA 180, we picked up GA 60 and wound our way down to GA 9 following a BMW cager that needed to give her car away because she simply could not drive it, running off the edge of the road numerous times tossing up gravel and crossing the double yellow numerous times with oncoming traffic. Guessing the winding roads were overloading her driving skills.

We made it home intact and had a very enjoyable days riding the twisties of North Georgia. And, we were glad to have taken part in the Ride for Will helping raise money for the Scholarship Fund.

All photos used in this post were taken by Steven Vore. Hire him for your professional photo shoots.


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