The Old Man Rides Again

I knew it wouldn't be long. For the last three years, everytime I have talked to my Dad he has told me about looking at motorcycles. And the few times he has been thru the Atlanta Metro area, he has walked circles around my motorcycle. His eyes seemed to glisten when I let him ride the Sportster a few years ago. And, I've heard countless stories of the rides and adventures he had on his Harley 250 back in the day.

I received an excited call last night that he had been to a local dealer and had discussed a deal on a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40. You know, Suzuki's I-wanna-build-a-bike-that-looks-like-a-Harley-Sportster single cylinder. I ponder a bit why but then it came back to me. His original motorcycle in the 1950s was a single cylinder, and I have to admit the S40 is 650cc versus the under powered 250cc he had way back when that struggled to do 50 mph. So, it seems like it would be a good choice fo a fella 70 years old who wants to ride to the post office and grocery store. At 352 lbs, it should be light enough for him to re-adjust to riding and be suitable for in town manuevering. And, he will have to be happy with electric start since he was kicking the old 250 :) I've always been amazed that the S40 still has drum brakes on the rear. His old 250 had drum brakes front and rear, so there's a little more familiarity for him.

When I was 16, my mom had a 50cc Yamaha Champ scooter. He from time to time tooled around town on it wearing a half helmet and smoking a cigar. The S40 is at least a bit more dignified than a Yamaha Champ.

I called this morning, and he had been to the dealer and completed the purchase. So, look out Florida, the old man is back on two wheels. Here's hoping he enjoys his new bike.


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