Apple Run!

Fall is in the air in the biggest city in the South. Temp this morning was 54 degrees F and quite enjoyable. Leaves have begun to turn and display their autumn colors of red and gold. Pumpkins are appearing on neighbors front porches and that spells one thing - Apple Run.

I loaded up the family in the cage and we meandered thru Dawsonville and over to Ellijay (home of the AppleFest). Long before the R&A Orchard sign appeared in our view, I could almost taste one of their fried pies.

Once we arrived, we made a beeline to the snack counter after manuvering through the crowd of folks looking at apple butter, jellies, jams, peanut brittle, boiled peanuts, apple cider, apple juice, and bins and bins of apples.

And there they were in all of their glory, delicious fried pies. R&A Orchard provides you with a multitude of choices (12 total I'm told): apple, sugar-free apple, coconut, peach, chocolate, blueberry, blackberry, and on and on, the choices make me dizzy. But everyone in our family wanted an apple pie and the only thing that improves it is a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

After we had all devoured our fried pies, we actually bought some apples :) Good times.


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