I've been attending a class this week near Perimeter Mall. At lunch break I went over to eat at the Mall's food court. On my way out of the mall, I am walking across the parking lot (wearing chaps and a leather jacket mind you) to where Rosie was parked on the yellow hash marks in front of a light pole when a Hummer stops next to me and rolls the window down. A young lady inquired, "Where are you parked?" I smiled and said, "Just at the end of this row." She slammed the gas gusseling dinosaur killing mega-HUV in reverse and backed to the end of the row and waited for me.

I walked to where Rosie was waiting, put my coke in the cup holder and smiled. I heard the overgrown metal cage slam into drive and chirp a tire as she headed off to find a parking spot she could fit the wildebeest.

I rode off laughing and thinking....

"I sure love riding motorcycles!"

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