Bikes on Broadway - Columbus, GA

Columbus, Georgia hosted Bikes on Broadway Sep 19 and 20th. The annual event serves as a fund raiser for "Our House" Children's home. Poker runs, dice runs, 50/50 raffles, vendors, food, and live Rock N Roll Bands were all apart.

I snapped a view photos, but the batteries died in the digital cam so there is only a few and a couple are a bit dark due to the flash quitting on low power.

Note that not all of the bikes are Harleys. I realize there are other bike manufacturers. A couple of us spent considerable time looking at a Victory Vision.
(photo courtesy of Victory Motorcycles and Ironhorse of San Antonio)
I think it is a gorgeous bike. I just can't get my mind wrapped around the handlebars turning and the fairing and headlight not turning with the handlebars. So, if I'm turning on a curve at night, is it shining in the woods??

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