Ice, Ice, Baby...

Up and out the door at 6:15am Saturday to head to Columbus to work with Last Chance Ministries. It had just stopped raining as I eased Rosie out of the garage and there were serious looking clouds hanging overhead. As I rolled down GA400, it started to rain. Nice cold and raining. But, the windshield on Rosie is just the right size to deflect the rain to the top of my helmet, so I stayed dry in my leathers and my visor stayed clear. I drove in and out of rain for about an hour until stopping for a cup of coffee at the Waffle House near Pine Mountain where it was snowing. Fortunately the snow wasn't sticking and the roads remained clear. Clear enough that folks were trying to drive 90mph on I-185, and I tried to give em room to do it and get far away from me.

After meeting up with a couple of the other guys from Last Chance, we resumed the trip to Columbus. About 5 miles the windshield on Rosie looked about like the picture above. That really got my attention, I had to sit a little taller in the saddle and tilt my head a bit to see clear of the iced windshield. I also began to consider if the winshield was frozen, bridges could be doing the same. Another 5 miles and the ice on the windshield went away about as fast as it developed. SHEW!

While in Columbus, a couple of us needed to meet up with a guy to discuss some patch design and embroidery work. We caught up with him at Country's BBQ which is a restaraunt in a refurbished Trailways Bus Depot. My helmet is off to them. The food was tasty and the job they've done refurbishing the place and preserving the history of the building is top notch - complete to the bus sitting under the awning as if it is waiting to load passengers. You can actually grab a table in the bus.

After a good time visiting with the folks in Columbus and cooking spaghetti for the large crowd we were serving, it was time for the return trip home. Fortunately the trip was without ice, snow, or rain and was just cold and windy (gusts to 25mph). I was very grateful for my electric gloves on the ride home.

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