Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Goodbye Widder. Hello Tourmaster

After having my second Widder electric glove fail in two years, I decided it was time to find a better answer. I settled on the Tourmaster Synergy Electric Gloves. Upon receiving my new gloves, I was immediately impressed. While the Widders are bulky like snowmobile gloves, the Tourmasters are leather lined gloves very similar to a medium weight winter riding glove. They feature carbon fiber heating elements for durability and are safe for use in wet weather. They also feature a controller on one cuff allowing you to adjust the temperature and leds to display when they are on and at what heat setting.

We're in a warm trend in the metro area, so I'll have give an evaluation when the temps drop again.


irondad said...

I guess I didn't realize Tourmaster made electric gloves. Tourmaster Polar-Tek's have been my Winter gloves for years. This pair in your picture looks real nice. Do they power directly to the bike or from a jacket?

Allen Madding said...

They can be used either way. I am using them without an electric jacket and plugging directly into the bike. I rode this morning in 33F weather and they kept my hands very comfortable. I really like the fact they aren't so bulky. They are also weatherproof with a nylon waterproof cuff that extends out from inside the leather cuff. So far, I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Nice gloves! I am still with the older... thicker... cumbersome.. gerbings hooked with the jacket which I needed today in ATLANTA!!! See you at the show Allen... saturday.
Be well... Ara & Spirit

Thomas Stromberg said...

My widder's failed me when the snow fell here in Atlanta the other week, so I've been looking into the Tourmaster gloves. Part of me says "get the widder's fixed", part of me says I never really liked them while I had them -- especially when it rained.

Did you buy them locally? I'd love to get the glove size right the first time.

Allen Madding said...

Biker's Dream in Alpharetta carry them as do several bike shops in Atlanta. Check their website and the dealer locator tab.