Global Warming

As I walked out to the garage this morning, I noticed the outside temp was 13.5F. Al Gore must be right, it's global warming! I discovered on last night's ride home that my Widder gloves were not heating up.

During the first year I owned them I had experienced this problem and called their support folks. They informed me that the gloves are simply a loop so that if one fails they both will not function. I ohmed thru both gloves and discovered the left one has failed this time. Last time I had one fail they were still under warranty so they replaced it. This time its on my dime. I'm a bit dismayed with the quality as I am not interested in having to replace them annually. So I may have to find another manufacturer.

So, I did what any good survivalist would do. I put on my summer gloves then put on my widder non-working electric gloves over them and made my way to work. I have to say I enjoy the stunned looks and comments when you walk in somewhere after riding in 13.5F weather :)

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