Ride for Will

William Clay Davison was born March 1, 2007. Tragically he died from SIDS on July 25, 2007. In his memory, his parents established the Will Davison Memorial Scholarship Fund.

On Saturday, Nov 10th, the First Annual Ride for Will was held to raise funds for the scholarship. Bikes began assembling at 9am and by 11am there was a good crowd of men and women and their machinery. I was extremely impressed with the hospitality offered to the riders - coffee, cappachino, cokes, water, biscuits, you name it. These folks went over the top to make this an enjoyable event.

The ride left South Forsyth High School preceeded up Georgia 400, off towards Cleveland, Georgia and the arriving at Helen. Forsyth County provided some of the best traffic control I've seen for a ride literally giving us the exclusive use of GA 400 North on a Saturday afternoon. When we left Forsyth County, I expected the traffic control to end, but that was not the case. Each county we entered had their respective Sheriff's deputies blocking intersections and even the Georgia State Patrol had Troopers assisting.

Once arriving safely at Paul's Margarita Deck in Helen, we were greeted with a live band, numerous door prizes, 50/50 raffles, and a really good time. My helmet is off to these folks. It was quite enjoyable to participate in this ride.

After eating a nice lunch and visiting with some fellow riders, I snuck out after the door prize raffle completed. The weather was around 59F and it was too beautiful a fall day to be in the mountains and not on the bike. I made my way out on 17/75 to Georgia Sate Route 348 - the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway.

Yes, I've written about it before, but I'll never get tired of it. GA 348 is 14.1 miles twisting thru the Chattahoochee National Forest. And with fall foilage is beautiful. GA 348 dead ends into GA 180. Hang a left and follow it until it makes a right. Now you are on Wolf Pen Gap, Georgia's curviest road (including a sharp 180). Treat Wolf Pen Gap with respect. The shoulders are narrow and the edges have broken asphalt, but it is an enjoyable ride on a motorcycle despite the rider's skill level. You don't need to try to race it. Road Atlanta is down the road a piece.

180 leaves Wolf Pen Gap and the turns are a bit more sweeping and not as challenging, take a deep breath, smile and enjoy the ride. It deadends at Suches, make a left and GA 60 takes you to Dahlonega.

I gassed at Dahlonega and made the ride on to the house. The temperature was beginning to drop and the sun was beginning to set as I arrived home. A gorgeous day for a ride on a motorcycle and a good bit of money raised for a very worthy cause.

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