Fall is in the Air

I had just about all but given up on the leaves turning, but they are and they're once again beautiful. Still doing the job search thing, I've been fortunate to pick up some consulting work here and there to get us by until I land another fulltime job. I was up this morning to get ready for a Sharepoint presentation that I was assisting with at Microsoft's facility in Alpharetta. Just before I was ready to don my leathers and fire off the bike, I got a last minute request to cover a client call for the firm that was putting on the Sharepoint gig. So I had a ride down a route that seemed terribly familiar as it was my original commute 6 years ago. Traffic was light as I missed the onslaught of commuters that had taken place 4 hours prior. The fall weather was cool but enjoyable and I got to enjoy the colors of the leaves surrounding the roads on my way to the client call.

After some running some diagnostics and an enjoyable telephone conversation with Dell's award winning support and service, I was on my way to Microsoft's offices. The ride was really familiar as they are located about 5 blocks from my most recent employer. There offices are located in a very picturesque park with waterfalls and a lot of beautiful natural landscape.

The ride home was in the thick of Friday Atlanta commuting traffic but no bother, the fall weather, the rumble of a V-twin, and the gorgeous view of tree leaves turning was relaxing and enjoyable.

Do yourself a favor, make some time to get out and ride. There are a slew of charity rides over the next 4 or 5 weeks, pick one and go. You'll be glad you did.

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