Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Set Free

My helmet is off to this group of men. Pastor Phil Augilar, founder of Set Free Church Church in California and the Set Free Soldiers.

SET FREE Soldiers website

"We are SET FREE SOLDIERS. We are a group of men who
Love Jesus and Love to Ride Hard. We are not your
normal motorcycle club. Some say we are too Good for
the Bad guys, and too Bad for the Good guys. We don't
argue that. All we Soldiers know is that we take care
of our own and help plenty of others along the way. We
try to live Right in this Wrong world and let our
light shine wherever we may go. SFFS"
- Set Free World Wide Ministry.


Aaron said...

That was, uh... interesting.

Kathleen Jennette said...

Small world.... Years ago when I married to a guy (rough guy who rode), I went to the Set Free Church... this church, I can truthfully say, set me free from him.... They helped him back on his feet and he remarried and got out of my life and started a new one with a new wife. That was a good 20 years ago back in 1986ish...
Life's roads sure are a trip!
Now as far as the pipes... I have to go back to that site and re-read it... the California Emissions make sense and I know there has gotta be a way for my leg not to fry! I will be getting back to you on that one.... thanks!