Hot Times in the City

The last several weeks, it has hovered around the 100 degree mark in the Atlanta area. Yesterday they reported 104 at the airport on the southSIDE. My wife's car was showing 108 as was our weather station at the house. At 100, I've found that sitting in traffic on a motorcycle equates to putting on leather chaps and a vented jacket and climbing straddle a radiator. Running 50-75 mph equates sitting in front of a NASCAR Jet Dryer. It is just plain hot. To add to the heat, we haven't had a rain in three weeks which has made for a lot of red clay dust in the air to stop up the sinuses. is forecasting 60% chance of rain next Thursday. Here is hoping that it comes and that fall weather begins soon.

I'll think back on this span of weeks come this winter when I'm wearing electric gloves :)

The good news for the weekend: Killer creek Harley Davidson is having DEMO DAYS this Saturday, so I think I may have to go try out a couple of the new models.

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