You Meet the Nicest People on Two Wheels...

The last week or two have just been fun experiences commuting (never heard someone in a cage say that!) My evening commute takes me thru an area that gets pretty congested, and people begin to drive with a bit less caution. The other evening I was in the right hand lane and the left hand lane was completely stopped. Along my route another bike had come in behind me, and we were riding in riding (staggered) formation. Suddenly, one of the cars in the left lane decided he wanted to switch lanes as I was beside him. He made a sudden weave into my lane and I made a quick swerve into the turn lane next to me and back in front of the car. I quickly looked in the mirror to see if my newly aquirred commute partner had gotten stopped without issue. What I saw was suprising, he had gunned the throttle and went around the car as well. He came along side me to air his displeasure with the cage driver. It was a nice to hear someone with my viewpoint on what just happened and that could understand what regularly occurs.

A few days ago, around the same place, I heard the melody of a V-twin pulling along side of me as I sat in traffic. I turned to see a Harley Road King that had to be the exact same color as my Sporty, and the fella had that thing shining to the nines (even had a helmet that matched). We had some nice chit-chat while we waited for traffic to move and as we inched along for a few blocks.

You just don't meet folks in traffic much when your creeping along in a cage, but you meet some of the nicest folks when you're on two wheels.

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