Carpe Diem

"Carpe Diem" - sieze the day

what goes thru your mind when you hear that phrase? We get so caught up in what we are facing in life that we lose sight of the big picture. Financial struggles, career crossroads, illness, etc easily distracts us and we tend to put life on hold and focus on the current problem at hand. How much quality time in life have we wasted worrying, fretting, or stewing over the current problems facing us?

Several years ago my grandfather was battling cancer and was losing the fight. He made a mental list of the things he wanted to accomplish, things he wanted to see, etc before he died. One of the things he told me during that period was "live like there is no tomorrow."

Consider what relationships are valuable to you and make sure those people know how you feel about them. Despite whatever you are facing at the moment, consider what you could do today that would help you sieze the day.

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