Thursday, November 02, 2006

Motorcycle Riding

I haven't addressed this and I'd be remiss to let it pass. I LOVE motorcycles. A week after purchasing my bike, My wife and I went for our first day trip. I had minimal experience on the bike having owned it a week and even less experience with a passenger. We set out for a trip to Helen which was going to be a lovely picturesque day. Half way along the winding road, I pointed the bike into what I thought was the apex of the turn, but soon discovered I was at least 20 feet from the apex, and the bike was coming out of the turn as the turn was still tightening. My little experience didn't help, and I ended up going off the road surface and onto wet foliage which dropped us instantly. We were both wearing long sleeve shirts and blue jeans which offered very little protection against the gravel we encountered at 20 mph. She ended up with road rash on her knee, and I ended up with road rash on a pinky finger and my forearm. After getting the bike repaired, I had learned a hard lesson - Don't ride without full leathers. What's with fingerless gloves?

Today I remember that experience as I do everytime I look at my finger or everytime I set out for a ride and my wife declines to accompany me, and I recall it everytime I see someone riding in shorts and flip flops. I read this article about a pretty young blonde that fell off the back of a crotch rocket wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. If you plan on riding a bike, whether on the back or in control, at any point in your life, you should read this girl's article and learn from it.

roadrashqueen story


Anonymous said...

Ah...the dreaded decreasing radius curve... I've encountered a few of those! Its good advice to wear protection at all times. In fact I am looking into getting CE rated armored jackets and pants from Aerostich or Tourmaster for next season.

Giest said...

i've read her stories several times and it's brought me to tears each time. it's things like that that keep me in check when i'm riding with or without a passenger.

Aaron said...

You didn't mention which road you were on outside of Helen, I'm assuming 75?

But that one on the Cherohala Skyway will get you EVERY time if you're not expecting it:

Allen Madding said...

Sorry for not replying sooner, it was on GA 180 just outside Suches. I've really got to go back that route sometime solo riding and ride the whole thing. It was way to early in my riding experience to have a rider and riding GA 180. I was not completely comfortable with a rider at that point.