Book Launch Invitation!

Hey Y'all,

I’ve got some pretty exciting news: It’s almost time for my next book to be released! It’s called Shaken Awake - The Complete Trilogy, and it releases on April 30, 2020. My publisher, Charm House Publishing, and I want to invite you to join the launch team!

Shaken Awake - The Complete Trilogy is three books in one. Shaken Awake, Awakened, and Woke! Chances are you have read Shaken Awake and Awakened and have been patiently waiting for a conclusion to the series. This is the entire story start to finish!

The Shaken Awake Launch Team will be a fun and personalized group with only so many spots available, so apply now. Details are listed below:

      A chance to read the book before anyone else does.  All eligible team members will receive an Advanced Abbreviated Reader digital copy of the book.
      Access to the private Facebook group
      Interact with me personally through Facebook Live chats and other fun things happening inside the Facebook group
      Exclusive chances to win some prizes
      Guidance every step of the way with suggested posts, content, and memes to share

      READ & SHARE about the book on your social media channels, with your IRL friends, book club, etc…
      REVIEW the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and GoodReads
      PARTICIPATE in the private Facebook group – tell me how the book impacts you personally, join in on exclusive Facebook Live Chats, etc.

            **the application will close at midnight on March 22, 2020 or whenever the team is full

Thanks so much, my friend. I can’t wait to share this book with you. I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word!

-   Allen

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