Free Water - Part Deux

Our testing found that the main HVAC unit on our house in the middle of June and July was producing 10 gallons of condensation a day. I picked up a 90 gallon tank and with some help from my daughter's boyfriend, have it now catching the condensation from the main system. In theory, this tank should store 9 days of condensation from that system. If we find we need more storage (I usually shoot for 14-21 days worth), I will find a second tank and plumb them in line.

I used the same overflow configuration as on the wine barrel, it has a 6 ft garden hose coming off the top edge of the tank leading down to a female how barb screwed on to the hose containing a screened washer like used on washing machines to keep out the mosquitoes. 

I riveted aluminum window screen wire in the center of the lid to allow filling and keeping out mosquitoes and leaves.

The tank had a 1 1/4" fitting in the bottom, so I installed a ball valve and then reduced to a 1 inch Tee. On one side of the tee, I reduced to 1/2" and installed a hose bib. On the other side, I installed a 3/4" ball valve. Plans are to run 3/4" PVC pipe under the house to provide a hose bib on the other side of the house.

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