Book Review: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

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Many of us struggle to find our identity in our work. We struggle with the gap between what really interests us – where our passions lie, and how we earn a paycheck. In many instances, we work to pay the bills so that we can pursue our true interest. Others know their current career path is not their passion, but cannot pinpoint where their true passion lies. Are we living to work or working to live? Are we spending our work hours doing something that fulfills us? Are working at a career that is exactly what we were created to do, or have we pushed our dreams aside to face the reality of a 9 to 5?

The author addresses these questions and then takes us to the next step. Our passion is not enough; it must also intersect with the needs of the world around us for us to begin living for a larger purpose. I have read many books about pursuing your passion, but many leave us there. In The Art of Work, Goins provides the reader with practical exercises to allow the reader to figure out where there passion lies and how to start moving in the right direction to make a pivot and begin living for a larger purpose.

I recommend anyone that is simply working to pay the bills and cannot see a greater good produced by their career to carefully read this book and walk through the exercises in the Appendix.

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