Review: When Mockingbirds Sing - Billy Coffey

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What would happen in a small rural town if God chose to speak through a shy little girl with a stuttering problem? How would the local preacher accept the fact that God chose this odd little girl instead of a professional minister? How would the local gossip society accept this turn of events? How would the church elders react? How would it affect her family? Especially her Dad the professional psychologist struggling with his inability to help his daughter and failing to salvage his own marriage?

Didn't God select Moses in the Old Testament, a guy with a stuttering problem and insecurity issues? Maybe God likes to select the least capable to display His power. Maybe He could use anyone. Maybe he could speak through anyone.

Billy Coffey goes to the heart of out piety. He makes us look at our self-righteousness and our judgemental attitudes. This book will make the reader take a painful look at their penchant to snap judgements and check their heart.

I highly recommend this book and the pause it may give you upon reading it.

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