Baby's Got New Shoes! version 2012

Saturday we woke to mild temperatures, 48F when we woke and a high of 60F. Rain was on the forecast for the afternoon. We took care of a few errands and then returned to the house. I put on my leathers, fired Rosie up and headed for Rider's Hill in Dahlonega, GA to see the guys a the Tire Service Center. The 45 minute ride was wonderful. Three different times I could smell the pleasant aroma of someone's fireplace and the crisp air against my cheek made me feel totally alive.

Once I arrived at Rider's Hill, I found half a dozen bikers kicking around the new and used bikes in European Motorsports and at the Six Gap Cafe', but there were no customers in the Tire Shop. No lines, no waiting! I had grown accustomed to dropping Rosie off when she needed new shoes and picking her up the next day. But, by bringing her in on a winter's day, they quickly offered to have her ready to roll in an hour and a half.

So, I wandered through the inventory of new Moto Guzzis and the array of consignment used bikes. And let me tell you they have an impressive inventory of bikes sitting on the floor including two brand new 2012 Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8Vs and a 2006 Harley-Davidson Road King Police Edition. And of course, I wandered through the soft goods and found a Nolan Hi-Viz modular helmet with flip down sunshades - something I am definitely going to consider.

The folks in Six Gap Cafe' had the weather radar on one of the TVs and were speculating I was going to have to contend with rain on my ride home. I had a cup of coffee and hoped they would be wrong in their conjecture.

As promised, the guys at the Tire Shop had a new rear tire and new rear brake pads on Rosie as well as having given her a test ride to verify everything was up to snuff on the dot in an hour and a half. I greatly appreciate their professionalism and the impressive selection of tires they keep in stock.

I mounted up and started my journey home. Happy to report, it began raining about 30 minutes AFTER I reached the house. It was a great day to get in some riding as well as getting errands knocked out.

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