Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Review: Terror by Night

Terror by Night by Terry Caffey and James H. Pence

What do you do when everything that matters to you is taken away?

If you believe in God, is your faith shaken when tragedy strikes? Do you question God? Do you turn your back and run as far from God as you can? Do you question if he even exist?

Terror by Night is the true story of Terry Caffey and his journey after his wife and two sons were brutally murdered, his home was burned to the ground, and his daughter was implicated in the crime and imprisoned. Before the brutal attack on his family, Caffey had felt he was called to the ministry. He did not know if he was going to be a preacher or an evangelist, but he was about to be ordained. But then in the middle of the night, someone attacks his family and everything is shattered. It is the story of his struggle to recover from the injuries he sustained in the attack and his mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles to resume his life. Caffey's story reads like a modern day version of Job. Everything he owned is gone. His family is gone. He feels isolated, abandoned, and alone.

It is a heart-wrenching story to read, but it is very inspiring to see how he responded in the face of total despair.


RichardM said...

Thank you for the heads up. Started reading it late this afternoon.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Madding:

How one reacts to tragedy may have nothing to do with the call, but with the depth and density of despair...

And while God's love is constant, some people do much better with despair... And if so equipped should heed the commandment to respond to those less fortunate... Don't you think?

Just sayin'...

Hope you have a despair-free life.

Thanks for thew book recommendation.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Allen Madding said...

reep -
"And if so equipped should heed the commandment to respond to those less fortunate..."

I have to agree. The thing I found compelling about the story was that he initially responded a lot like I have in the past. By wallowing in the misery and shunning anything and everyone that wanted to help. But in the end he found a way to escape all of that and rebuild his life and now spends his time encouraging others.


Allen Madding said...

Richard -
Thanks. Hope you enjoy it. What did you think of Andy's Stanley's book?

RichardM said...

I enjoyed listening to the book. There are some great suggestions which I think that I would have liked to hear thirty of more years ago. Of course, I probably wouldn't have paid much attention to it back then. With 20/20 hindsight, the book makes a lot of sense to me.

Thank you for the recommendation. I'm only partly through the Caffey book. Since I actually have to read instead of listen, it takes a lot longer.

irondad said...

I'll have to check it out. I sure feel for Caffey. Geez. They say things are what we make of them. Sometimes easier said than done.

By the way, I keep seeing you pop up on Linked-In updates that come to my e-mail. Did you know we were linked?

Allen Madding said...

Irondad -
Interesting, I don't show you in my Linked-In contacts. Hmmm