Venezuela - Day 2

We awoke at 7:30am Sunday and headed to breakfast and had a buffet of scrambled eggs, fried plantains, chopped hot dogs, what looked like really small biscuits. The food was enjoyable and filling. We met for a brief meeting with our team and I gave a devotion and shared with the group a brief description on my life story which was met was gasps. I still get weepy when I recount the struggles I have been through over the years and how God has steadily provided and guided me through it all.

We attended the morning worship service with a Church in Barquisimeto that has partnered with Northpoint Ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia. I was amazed to hear that since they had adapted to what our church campuses have been doing that they have went from around 1,000 people attending their Sunday services to over 6,000 a Sunday. We took a tour of their children's ministries which were packed to the gills with children who were laughing and playing and had huge smiles on their faces. We set in on their 12pm worship service that was all in Spanish. But the worship music was awesome despite the fact I could not understand a single word. The minister delivered a message that was on rescuing the love of your life/marriage and the 2,000 in attendance at this service seemed to be right in-tune with the message.

We were then shuttled to the food court in a downtown shopping mall where I was able to find a KFC and enjoy some fried chicken for comfort food. What is Sunday without fried chicken right?

We left the mall and headed to the farm that hosts "Project Jonas" where we met with the boys who are currently residents at the home and the staff. We found the boys to be loving and likeable and shared dinner with them. I had a chance to make a quick tour of the facilities and make two pages of notes on items that need attention of electrical nature. There is a lot that needs to be addressed and I will need to assemble a shopping list for electrical supplies.

Time to get some rest, we have a good bit of work to start on tomorrow.


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