Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby's Got New Shoes!

Just North of Dahlonega, Georgia on GA HWY 9 sits a very convenient group of motorcycle shops. The group of shops sit on "Rider's Hill". Riders Hill includes: European Motorsports, Black Mountain Cycles, Six Gap Cafe, and Tire Technicians Inc.

Black Mountain Cycles provides a dealership atmosphere for owners to put their bikes up for sale and potential buyers an incredible inventory of pre-owned bikes for sale. They also carry a full line of riding gear, helmets, and boots.

European Motorsports is a dealer of Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, and Royal Enfield motorcycles and has an impressive inventory of all of their lines.

If you have been reading by blog lately, you have a good idea why I am headed to Rider's Hill. That's right - tires for Rosie.

I had visited Rider's Hill before just to see what all the buzz in the motorcycle groups was all about. So, when I started shopping to replace the tires on my Road King, I gave them a call and was surprised to find they had the same Dunlop/Harley Davidson tires the Harley dealer sells in stock for my bike as well as Michelin, Metzler, and Pirelli in stock for my bike. The price quote they provided was not only better than what the local dealerships were doing, but were in line with the super discount tire sites in the Internet without the expense of shipping.

So, I dropped Rosie off for a new pair of shoes this weekend and then headed to Ellijay, Georgia for our annual apple run. Nothing eases the pain of being without your bike on a nice autumn day when you live at the foot of the North Georgia mountains than a hot apple dumpling with soft vanilla ice cream slowly melting on top of it.

After church Sunday, we drove back to Rider's Hill and Rosie was sitting out front modelling her new shoes. The Tire Technician gang was busy mounting tires for customers and a few riders mingling around checking things out.

They did a great job and a great price and will be getting more of my business in the future. The ride home provided gorgeous weather and an enjoyable amount of twisty two lane for 45 minutes to cap off a good day.



redlegsrides said...

Just a reminder, take it easy on the "new shoes" first 100 or so miles, to ensure you wear off the coating they come with to prevent rot....


Allen Madding said...

Yes! I meant to comment on that, thanks for the reminder, Charlie!

The guys at Tire Tech made a point to mention that twice before I left and even printed it on the invoice. I learned that first hand a few years back in the rain returning from picking up a bike after a new rear tire.

After my 84 miles round trip today plus the miles from the trip back from the tire shop, I checked the surface of the new tires and all the shiny is gone.

The guys at tire tech said a fella took donw their driveway towards the highway a few weeks ago and "goosed" it while still in his turn and dropped a bike because of the oily coating on new tires.

Just a really good reminder!


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Madding:

There is nothing like opening a fresh box of cigars... Or popping a brazierre... Or setting out on new motorcycle tires for the first time.

I usually take a piece of brick or emery cloth to a new tire and remove the shiny stuff before I take the bike out of the garage.

Your little community of biker shops sounds great.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Kathleen Jennette said...

Apple Run... how idylic the East Coast is in Fall. Ride safe and enjoy the new shoes.

irondad said...

Time to once again kick up your heels! Just don't hurt your back and knee. No need to warrant extra physical torture again!

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