Monday, July 05, 2010

A Good Morning

Bleary-eyed and ready for my first cup of coffee, I rolled into the motorcycle parking area of our office building's parking garage. As I approached my usual parking spot, I observed a behemoth two wheeled machine sitting in the space next to me. As I backed Rosie neatly in her usual spot, my eye wandered up and down and end to end of the Victory Vision Tour with its 106cc air-cooled 50 degree V-Twin four stroke engine sitting quietly in the next spot.

This was a work of art resting neatly on two wheels and a side stand. Much like a priceless oil painting created by the hands of a master, the beauty of this machine could not be taken in with a casual observation or a single glance.

As I began to unstrap my helmet, I saw a hardhat approaching. It seems there is always a floor being remodeled in these two buildings. He approached and unlocked the rear case on the Vision and retrieved an item previously forgotten upon initial disembark.

"That is one gorgeous motorcycle", I said.

His eyes lit up and a smile broke out upon his face.

"I am still getting use to it", he replied. "I rode a Honda Goldwing (aka hondapottimus) for several years before trading for this one. I still haven't figured out all the gizmos. It has an electric adjustable windshield and an electric butt warmer. I figure as long as I remember where the key goes and where the start button is, I'm good", he joked.

He inquired where I rode in from, how many miles, and did I ride to work(tm) everyday. And then we traded a few riding stories before I had to make my way to my appointed destination - the coffee shop before reporting to work.

It's always a good start to a day's morning to meet another rider and get to chatter a bit before starting work.

Ride on!



mq01 said...

:) yes, those are crazy artsy interesting cool looking bikes. we have quite a few around my area, and they stop me each time i see one...

Pam said...

Awesome cycle! Don't think I've seen one of those in my neck of the woods.

Canajun said...

I've seen a few of those around. They remind me of a 1950's Popular Mechanics view of the motorcycle of the future. Didn't like the look then, and don't much care for it now.

Willy D said...

I was almost expecting you two to go for a ride and forget work. That would’ve been a real’ good morning’.

Allen Madding said...

I did mention it would be a good day for a 16 hour motorcycle ride to KeyWest:)

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Madding:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apparently. I find a certain majesty and in pictures of the Hindenburg, the legendary zeppelion of the 1930's. But I'd hate like hell to have to park it. The first time I saw one of these streamlined behemoths from Victory, I felt pretty much the same way. To my way of thinking, a motorcycle should fall into two categories: significantly retro, or 100% utilitarian.

I like all motorcycles... But the sweeping image of this beast from Victory has nothing on the classic, iconic lines of Harley Davison Electra Glide category of bike. And it can be safely said, I think, that none of the sweeping lines or designs of this parade float translate to higher performance either. Therefore, it is destined to be a dated limited market niche.

Even with my limited mobility, I suspect a two-hundred mile run on this bike would leave the rider feeling like he had been lifting weights all day.

Just my opinion.

Findest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Anonymous said...
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