Thunderbird Nights

Moto 400 (Dawsonville) and Triumph held Bike Night at Firkin and Crown British Pub tonight to showcase the Triumph Thunderbirds and to unveil the Triumph Thunderbird 1700.

The Thunderbird line is obviously aimed at the cruiser market with upright seating positioning, wide rear tires, and the looks of the traditional cruiser. Tip of the helmet to Triumph for abandoning the square automotive radiator that sticks out both sides of the bike and looks horrendous and instead tucking the radiator between the exhaust pipes and not letting is stick out past the forks. This detail makes the Thunderbird line of bikes more appealing that some of Triumph's other cruiser lines.

Triumph Thunderbird 1700 photo source:

The 1700 boasts 97 hp and 115 ft lbs of torque from the huge parallel twin cylinder engine which is impressive in its own right, but I have to admit that they are gorgeous cruisers. I would wager that Triumph sells many over the next few months.

Of course Moto 400 and Triumph also had representatives of the other models that Triumph produces on hand as well...

And attendance was good despite the fact Spring skipped past Summer and Winter and had gone straight away to Fall...

Bike nights are always a great time to commensurate with other riders of all kinds. There were Harleys, Ducatis, Yamahas and BMWs scattered through the parking lot and everyone had a great time.

This was my first trip to the Firkin and Crown British Pub despite its relative proximity to my home. The food was good, the Iced Tea was up to my Southern standards and the wait staff was easy on the eyes...

Moto 400 announced they would be holding Bike Night the last Wednesday of each month. I could not argue with that idea.

Kudos to Moto 400, Triumph, and the wait staff at Firkin and Crown British Pub!

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