Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ever Changing Health Care Plan...

It seems the plan isn't clearly defined as the "party" line on it changes daily. Getting a clear definition of what we are being sold is like nailing jello to a tree. As always, Jon Stewart calls it like it is...

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Conchscooter said...

It's ironic to me that we can laugh at the Bush Cheney co-presidency that cost us so much money and so many lives in the same breath that President Obama is struggling to improve the lives of middle class Americans. And all he gets is shit for being a nigger socialist.Was it not the Sainted Ronald Reagan who said deficits don't matter? Or do they only matter when corporations tell you they do?

Jack Riepe said...
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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Allen:

I have to deal with a failing career at the moment. But I am going to take the afternoon off to present my view of this. Which will probably cost the me the friendship of both of you before the day is over.

I have never called the President of the United States a "nigger socialist." However, I do believe there are philosophical lines between government and industry being crossed here (with health care) that have to be considered for their constitutionality. Just as there is a line between church and state, there needs to be one between government and commerce. Why doesn't the government also make shoes, manufacture guns, or produce dairy products while they are at it?

Because it will make them badly.

On the other hand, scumbag insurance companies (all of them) are hiding in the smoke being used to cover the real issues of US healthcare: profiteering, gauging, purging, and the inappropriate reivestment of profit. What governmet can do is make new rulings and regulations regarding ,the activities of health insurance companies, which need to be regarded as public utilities of the highest order.

It took me seven years to learn to hate the Republicans for their arrogance and lack of planning. It has taken me seven months to hate this new President, and the stooge Democrats -- like Nancy Pelosi), who my family and I supported, for being the lying shit snakes they promised they wouldn't become.

I deleted my original message as it had my phone number attached to it. Either one of you gentleman can get this simply by emailing me at JPriepe@aol.com. Bobskoot and I chat all the time. He calls me, and I call him back because I have an international calling plan.

Also, feel free to email me at greater length on these issues at jpriepe@aol.com. Sometime I rthink I do tend to go on for this limited forum.

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

No offence taken. But as long as right wingers get to wear their political hearts on their sleeves I am going to do the same. And a sensible debate is always welcomed by the left, the party that knows best how to organize a circular firing squad.
Peace and Crumpets.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

I think you should yell and carry a sign if you feel strongly about any issue. Not only is that your right, it's your obligation. And if you get tired, I'd be proud to spell you, and carry that sign for awhile... (Though you must realize I picket from a sitting position.) This is what friends do for each other.

But I think it would be rash to simply categorize all who critique this manner of "healthcare reform" as "right wingers." I do not know the politics of the lady who held up the picture of Obama as Hitler, but I do know that this juevenile presentation (which only assholes would think was clever) lost her group ten times more than they thought it would gain.

I hope the healthcare bill stalls for six more months, as long as the stall prompts the Republican Party into coming up with an alternative plan (addressing each question or sticking point one by one)... Which should goad the well-intentioned (but thoroughly suckful) insurance companies into realizing which direction the wind is blowing and into drafting a far more meaningful approach to business than profiteering, purging, and gouging.

The objective of this exercise is to come up with a new, enlightened approach to the problem; as opposed to the nonsense it is generating now. Rushing this smacks of a political agenda.

I appreciate the kindness extended to me by both of you guys today.


"Joker" said...

That was a pretty funny video.

All I have to say is I've been "middle class" for my whole life and the Democrats have never done a damned thing for me.

I remember growing up and having to pay full price for my school lunches because my dad "made too much money." The reality was he just did ok, and all they look at on those applications is your income. There is no consideration given to debt or number of dependents. So I'd sit there watching all these other kids (mostly minorities - not racist -just the truth) getting free lunch every day while I had to pay.
Then, I watched Jimmy Carter take an America already very tired and beaten down from Vietnam, and run patriotism and optimism into the ground. I watched the spineless milquetoast on TV in his pathetic cardigan sweater trying to explain how the most powerful nation on earth continued to allow 53 of its citizens to be held captive by human refuse for 444 embarrassing days.
Then came Reagan and it was like a re-birth. I don't know if I'd call the man a saint, but I will say if they ever decide to add a head to Mt Rushmore anyone who doesn't agree it should be his should have there treasonous, ungreatful ass deported to Venezuela P.D.Q.
They let those hostages go the day The Gipper was sworn in, because they knew unlike the eunuch Carter, Ronnie would turn their whole country into a parking lot if they didn't let our people go.
Then he was shot and at the time nobody knew just how close he came to dying. But to see a man of his age come back from it with such élan made everyone a fighter.
Unlike every other post WWII President he was the only one to ignore status quo with the USSR and had the balls to confront them. In doing so he got rid of our greatest foe without firing a shot, and all his detractors can say about him is he ran up a deficit. The liberals then declared this would ruin things for "our grandchildren." It was gone in less than 10 years.
Then I watched Clinton disgrace the office Reagan had given grandeur to once again. I watched as he bullshitted the blacks into thinking he gave a crap about them while he did nothing about the ongoing terrorist attacks. The first WTC bombing, the embassy bombings, the USS Cole...he did NOTHING, and left it all in Bush's lap.
Bush-Cheney cost us lives my ass! Everyone wanted action after 9/11 and action we got. Of course, people have short memories and don't realize combatting terrorism is both very costly and long-term. I guess people forget the whole reason we have Armed Forces is so that if anyone dies it is them in the performance of their duties to defend this country.
If the Left wasn't crying about all the dead soldiers, they'd be crying about more dead civilians after a few more 9/11 style attacks. Because of Bush's actions, that hasn't happened again, and NOBODY gives the man credit for it.
He was a horrible unscripted speaker, and I don't agree with everything he did. But I respect him for doing his job despite a lack of public support. Unlike a liberal who will go with the latest poll numbers no matter what.
Barack Obama is struggling to not make another major political gaffe, while he hopes Blabbermouth Biden doesn't do it for him. Mark my words - by the time his term is up, the lives of middle class Americans will be WORSE. There will be higher taxes. The deadbeats will get more handouts, free school lunches and free college. Those of us who were born here and work for a living will continue to pay for it.
And we deserve it for electing the most unqualified candidate in the modern history of presidential elections. Hopenchange my ass.