Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Suzuki Superbike Showdown presented by Rockstar

(Photo by Steven Vore)

Steven and I sat out for the 20 mile ride over to Road Atlanta and had an enjoyable ride. I still get a kick out of people at stoplights reactions to seeing a Harley and a BMW riding together.

Once at Road Atlanta, we made a stroll through vendor row and chatted with the folks at Nomar who produces and sells motorcycle tire changing equipment. Steven's beemer was needing a front tire and they made him a good deal on a Pirelli and offered to mount, balance, and change it out for free. So, we put them to work. We were quite impressed with their equipment and speed. I've never seen a dealership change a tire out that effortlessly. Their equipment and tire mounting lube made all the difference. Steven was tickled to kill two birds with one stone. Now he doesn't have to schedule time at a bike shop.

After a couple of weeks of enjoyable fall weather in the biggest city in the South, Summer returned Saturday for the Suzuki Spuerbike Showdown. It was hot as standing on the sun and shade was a premium. The vendors selling Gatorade and beer were staying busy.

We took in qualifying and consumed a couple of Gatorades while sweating like stuck pigs. Found a traditional track burger and did a little wandering the 750-acres of Road Atlanta. The track has enforced a rule that motorcycle riders, scooter riders, atv riders, etc must wear a helmet while riding on the property. So we observed geniuses complying with the rule by wearing skateboard helmets (some of which were not buckled). One guy was wearing a floppy hat with his fullface helmet sitting on top of the brim of the hat - but I guess he was technically wearing a helmet. The one that took the cake was the trail biker the was wearing a Bellsouth bump cap - again I guess that technically is a helmet.

I hadn't been to Road Atlanta in 20+ years and was impressed with the improvements they have made, including the addition of the hillside stands in turns 12-14. They've also added shuttle buses to help folks get around the huge facility, and they were a huge hit as well.

As the race was sponsored by Rockstar, and everybody wants to be a big rock star with a house on a hill driving 15 cars, we consumed a free Rockstar beverage. It tasted like a hyped up cranberry juice. I'll stick with drinking Izzie.

Racing finally got in gear around 4pm, and it was amazing to watch them manuever downhill turns under full acceleration. Despite the heat and the pounding heat induced headache I ended up with, we had a large time, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Just take some portable shade.


Aaron said...

Sat out or set out?

I haven't been in a couple years. I guess one of these days I'll get off my lazy butt and return.

FLHX_Dave said...

Sounds like a good time. Wow, the tire deal sounded almost too good to be true. Currently getting a new tire mounted would take two weeks because everyone is backlogged.

I can't figure out why people drink beer on a hot day. Gatorade I can see.

Thanks for the post.

irondad said...

Thank you for not spilling the beans on results. I was working and had to record the races. Haven't watched yet. How was it dealing with the crowds? My personal bubble seems to have expanded a lot. Being in a crowd makes me shudder.

Love your attitude about brands. I appreciate how you like Harleys but don't think it's the only acceptable ride. I seem to remember you're involved in a ministry of sorts. Can't tell you how much I respect someone who walks their talk. Under the leathers or cordura we're all humans.

Allen Madding said...

Aaron - both. As you are someone that takes part in track days, I expected so see ya watching.

Dave - Steven said the beemer guys had all told him two - three week waiting lists, so he thought it was a wonderful deal as well.

The crowds were thin compared to a NASCAR event so I never felt the dread I get at malls and such.

I could be a brand snob if I tried real hard, but just like cars, there are many good brands and then some we can all agree to despise :)

Kano said...

I would venture to guess the headache was brought on by the "Rockstar" energy drink. Yuck!