The Crap Napper (tm)

Note: this is not the actual picture from the events described, just found on the internet

Somethings in this world you just can’t explain” – Charlie Daniels

The company I work for has an office suite in an appealing office building north of Atlanta. We share a floor with several other companies. A few weeks ago I went down the hall to the men’s room and while attending to my business I heard loud snoring coming from the end stall. At first I thought it odd but brushed it off as someone congested and perhaps breathing hard to expel some matter. But then the snoring became more intense, and it was intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that the person in the end stall was sound asleep.

I returned to my work and put the occurrence out of mind until a couple weeks later when I encountered the same situation. I was amazed that the opening and closing of doors, running sink water, etc did not disturb “the crap napper”. I reported this odd experience with my coworkers who found it odd and humorous. We even submitted the term "crap napper" to urban dictionary, but they never posted it, party poopers.

Last week one of my coworkers encountered the crap napper and returned to our office to report the sighting of this natural phenomenon. Several coworkers went down to the men’s room to experience the crap napper first hand. Those who were once skeptics have now encountered and believe in the crap napper.

Finally someone called building security. I can just imagine a security guard banging on the stall door with a big aluminum flashlight and confronting the crap napper. That had to be an “odd” conversation.

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