Friday, October 26, 2007

POP3 on Cell Phone

Want to access your Bellsouth POP3 email account on your web enabled phone? You might be in for a small but unpleasant suprise. If you configure the POP3 account like you would on a Windows 2000/XP computer, you can receive Bellsouth POP3 email, but sending will fail. What's the deal? It seems Bellsouth has enforced some security measures on their outgoing SMTP servers and the web enabled phones will not properly authenticate. If your cell provider is Verizon, they offer a solution. Log onto VTEXT.COM and set up an account if you don't already have one. Once you have a login account for VTEXT.COM, configure your POP3 email on your web enabled cell phone's outgoing server as:
check the box "outgoing server requires authentication"
under outgoing server settings, enter your user name
enter the password you set for

You now can send email with your bellsouth account. It will be processed and delivered via Verizon's SMTP mail server. If you send email to someone who's mail server has spam software that examines header files, you may from time to time have email quarantined.

Now quit worrying about sending and receiving email on your phone and get out and ride your motorcycle.


irondad said...

Interesting you should put up a comment on this subject. I just got a new Motorola Razor 9 phone for my Verizon account. It's supposed to be able to download e-mail. I'm going to have a go at setting it up to check my Comcast account!

Allen Madding said...

Glad it was timely. Hope it is helpful.

Aaron said...

I've got an easier solution:


Unknown said...

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