Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting Past the Music

Are searching souls having to get past the music (or dress codes) in worship services so they can find out about God?
Getting Past - Chuckk Gerwig

I believe it is more the case than for thought


Aaron said...

Most likely.

Having attended North Point Community Church (in Alpharetta) since February, I found the more modern Church environment I was looking for. I'm only too sorry that I ignored so many suggestions to give it a look sooner than I had.

Steven said...

Anonymous said...

Allen, you've probably heard this story before, so sorry if I'm repeating. Randy Pope likes to challenge other pastors with a series of questions along the lines of: If you're doing missions work in another country, should you adopt their dress style, or expect them to adopt yours? Should you follow their basic customs, or expect them to adopt yours? Should you use their type of music, or expect them to adopt yours? So...why do reverse that when we open a church in the local mission field? (he tells the story much better!)