Trying to Review Event Logs to Monitor your Servers?

I implemented and have become a BIG fan of Microsoft Operations Manager just for this very purpose. All of their product teams have written management packs for MOM so that if you want to monitor Exchange, the Exchange mgt pack knows what to look for in a log and what are or aren't tolerable states. (same for SQL, same for AD, etc). It even monitors itself and the servers it monitors can send alerts when the MOM server isn't responding.

One of the nice parts about it is the built in Knowledge base, such that if MOM gives you an alert with an error msg and you are scratching your head thinking "OK, that is definately a problem but how do I fix it?" You click the Knowledgebase tab inside the alert and it gives you resolution steps. How sweet is that?

I've been running in for close to 90 days and I think it is the best thing they've ever bought, renamed, and marketed.

Microsoft MOM website

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