Spring has Sprung! ? ?

After a couple of weeks of 70s and 80 degree days, I was about to unzip the liner out of my leather jacket and retire my full-face helmet to the T-bag (until rainy days). But then spring hid its head. I awoke this morning to head to my men's group and it was a brisk 26degrees F, so I broke out the electric gloves one more time. Really, I thought the old timers wisdom was never plant before Good Friday. If I had of put out tomato plants Friday like I had originally planned, they'd a been toast.

So, off into the breezy clod day I went. On my way I travel a state highway that is two-lane for several miles before becoming four-lane. At the four-lane, I encountered a truck hauling a construction dumpster in the left lane running about 20 mph slower than the speed limit with a line of cars stuck behind him. The cars in front of me manuevered around him by passing him in the right lane and then moving back into the left hand lane. I followed suit. As I moved back into the left hand lane, I motioned over the top of my head with my left hand pointing to the right hand lane - a subtle hint if you will. Obviously he took great offense at this and sat on his air horn. Whatever. A few miles later at a stop light, I hear him blowing on his air horn 5 or 6 cars back and hanging out the window yelling. What a jerk. A few more miles I came to the interection where I needed to turn which has two turning lanes going to the left. I pulled up in the left-most of the two lanes and stopped for the signal. A few minutes and hear comes the dumpster truck. He sits on his air horn and swerves into the right lane of the two turn lanes as if he is trying to swerve and hit me. Unknown to him at the time, a Sherriff's Deputy was 3 cars behind him when he made this move. Evidentally the officer took exception to his driving and elected to discuss it with him personally.

I've driven large trucks and buses over the years and was trained that trucks are supposed to stay right except when passing and turning to prevent obstructing traffic. I'm guessing my friend missed that part of the CDL exam. I hope his day improved.

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